The Holt Association

The Holt Association

The Holt Association was founded in 1991 and is now thriving with many past pupils and members of staff.  We currently hold two reunion parties each year and send out two newsletters for members. The newsletters contain items of nostalgia, the opportunity to find old friends and current school events.


Chairperson, Mrs L Carroll,

Annual subscription

Annual Subscription:  £5.00 due on the 1st January each year and payment should be sent to:

The Holt Association Membership Secretary 75 Loddon Bridge Rd, Woodley, Reading RG5 4AR.



Reunion Lunch Party

Saturday 14th March – 12.30pm for 1pm at the school – Canceled
Saturday October 10th – 12.30pm for 1pm at the school



The next exciting edition of the newsletter is currently being compiled.  If you would like to receive a copy of this publication, but are not yet a member, please contact: Linda Carroll at


A staggering total of £22,954.01 has been donated to the school since 1991.  Some of the items purchased are books for art, a security system and refurbishment of the library, security badges for The Holt School staff, shelving, chairs, memorial plaque, water coolers, aprons, leaflet dispenser and crockery & cutlery. More recently the Holt Association has purchased new drum kits and other percussion instruments for the music department.